Sunday, July 5, 2015

Starbucks Strawberry Shortcake

Layers of sponge cake and strawberry cheesecake, topped with strawberry cream frosting

I am not a berry cake type of person, but I do like this cake. All the layers, and even the cream frosting worked well together.

Happy Eating!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mcdonald's Minions Happy Meal

I chose The Guard minion and upgraded my drink to Banana Float.

I still prefer the green apple, but I'll buy the banana float every now and then, just to shake things up.

Happy Eating!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dean and Deluca Grilled Cheese and Matcha Milkshake

At first I thought that they gave me the wrong size of sandwich. That they served me the half order and not the regular/full-sized one, as it's just half a sandwich. But apparently, an order of Grilled Cheese Sandwich, is this size. It's just half a sandwich. 

Even if it has three cheeses, I didn't enjoy eating it. And for 450 pesos an order, it was a very expensive half sandwich. 

For drinks I tried their Matcha Milkshake

It's just like Starbucks' Green Tea Frap. 

Happy Eating!

Milk Cow Matcha Crunch

A friend told me that her family love Milk Cow. What she said made me curious, that I went all the way to Powerplant Mall just to try it. 

A staff told me that the one with honey is their bestseller. But as I love anything with matcha, I ordered the Matcha Crunch

Milk ice cream topped with matcha powder and rice krispies. 

I like how creamy and not too sweet the milk ice cream was, but I wish there's more matcha powder. Happy Eating!

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