Saturday, December 28, 2013

Spiral Buffet

Were able to try it at last. I've long wanted to try their buffet, but never got the chance until last November. 

Here are pictures of Spiral's 21 Ateliers:

And here are the pictures of my plate:

Really good herbed butter.

Yummy roti and curry.

I like this dessert plate the most. As it has their yummy chocolate chip cookies and slabs of chocolate with assorted nuts.

Fig enveloped in cream cheese and rolled in nuts.

Prime rib slice

Shake and go salad

Their cakes are not that good, I like more the cakes of Basix (Dusit Hotel).

More chocolate chip cookies. The truffles were just okay. 

I'm glad that there's a Gymboree inside the hotel, where my son can play. 

Happy Eating!
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