Friday, March 29, 2013


My friend and I went out to do a lot of shopping (for our kids) and eating (for us).

We had lunch first at Santouka before buying or looking for anything to buy. I just saw on Instagram a certain local celebrity dined there and she and her celebrity friends loved it. So I told my friend that we should try it for ourselves.

Since ramen is their specialty, we ordered from the Santouka Set Menu. We had the Small Ramen and Chicken Gyoza and Small Rice Bowl Set. It comes with a regular size ramen (we chose miso), chicken gyoza, small rice bowl, chawanmushi, tsukemono (pickled vegetables/kimchi), salad and hot green tea.

We upgraded our ramen to medium and just added P40.

The ramen (original ramen with kurobuta pork char shiu), chicken gyoza, salad and green tea were all good. We wanted to order a pot of their green tea but were told that it's not the same as what we just had. That the green tea they serve on their set meals are different from what they sell on a pot. When we asked if we can just buy the green tea on the set meals, they said no.

The chawanmushi was the only one we don't like on the set meal. It was so "malansa".

For dessert we ordered the Matcha Cake. It comes with a cold green tea drink. The cake was so good. It was light and creamy (in a good way). It was like an ice cream cake, but with the cream and icing not frozen. While the green tea drink was very bland and tasted just like water. When we asked again if we can have hot green tea instead of cold on our cake orders, we were told yes, but it's not hot just room temperature tea. So we just said never mind.

Would we come back? Yes. Even if we were annoyed by them not selling the same tea as that on their set meals and not having hot tea to go with their cake, we still like their ramen, gyoza, salad and matcha cake. My friend asked if they sell a whole matcha cake and they said no again :-(

To go I bought a piece of Mochi Cream Raspberry Mille Feuille Mochi Ice Cream. Apparently it's one of their bestseller flavors together with Green Tea. I didn't like it as much as Mochiko's Chocolate with Potato Chip and Cookie Dough. Maybe because of the raspberry in it that tasted like jam.

Happy Eating!

Burger Bar The Rising Shroom

After a lot of shopping, my friend and I stopped for dinner at Burger Bar. We were told by the hostess on the steps that we were the 7th in line, but when I went inside to give my number, I saw a lot of vacant seats, thus I asked a server if we can be seated right away. She asked around and then said yes and walked us to our seats.

It was my friend's first time and my second. I wanted to try the The Rising Shroom the first time, so that's what I ordered. My friend, upon reading the "white truffle creamed cheese" description on the menu, ordered the same. We added Onion Rings, Brown Cow Float and the Molten Chocolate Bottoms .

We both love our The Rising Shroom Burger and Onion Rings and would definitely order them again. I love, love, love the white truffle creamed cheese on the burger and the patty's very juicy and the bun was also good. Everything in this burger was good. My friend shared my sentiments. She also said that the onion rings don't taste like it has onions and tasted very good. She also loves her Brown Cow Float.

What we don't love was the Molten Chocolate Bottoms. The ice cream on it was melted already that it doesn't taste nor look like ice cream anymore. In short the molten chocolate bottoms was like a milkshake with the melted cream and ice cream and the all lava cake.

Happy Eating!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

McDonald's KLIA

We had these for snacks while waiting for our flight to Singapore at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). No group photos of our burgers though.

Happy Eating!

Tokyo Don, Ochado and RT Pastry House

After our Atmosphere 360 buffet lunch and a tour around the KL Tower observation deck, we went to Pavilion for some shopping. When we got tired of walking around and trying out stuff, we stopped for dinner at Tokyo Don.

I had the Azuma Set, which has a salad, miso soup, garlic fried rice, yasai itame, salmon and chicken teppanyaki.

I like everything, but I still favor the Salmon Katsu in Ginza Bairin Singapore. Their fried rice is really good though.

P.S. I bought a green tea something drink from Ochado that I brought inside Tokyo Don. It wasn't as good as my favorite Japanese Matcha Smoothie from Chatime (that's not always available :-( ).
I also bought Salted Cheese from RT Pastry House. The lady said it's one of their bestsellers, but I didn't like it that much. Should have bought the Hokkaido Cake instead. And writing this makes me want to try their Hokkaido more.

Happy Eating!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Atmosphere 360 Kuala Lumpur Tower

If you don't make yourself busy with eating or chatting with your friends or family, you might get airsick(?). Even if it moves slowly you will still be able to feel it turning and see the changes in scenery. Even the location of the buffet from your table, the entrance and toilets will all change.

Since we just came from a breakast buffet, it was hard to appreciate the food they offered. Some of them were the same.

From what I tried I like the lasagna, roti, chendol, cheesecake and the pulut. I didn't try a lot as I just ate a hotel buffet three hours ago. My sister liked a lot of their offerings though, especially the salted squid.

P.S. Don't leave your bag on the platform near the window, as as you might think someone stole your bag, when you leave to get your food, as it doesn't move with the dining floor.

P.P.S. When you dine at Atmosphere 360 you'll get free access/entrance ticket to the KL Tower Observation Deck. Not that you will need it as you can already see everything. But it's still nice to know more about the history of Kuala Lumpur.

Happy Eating!

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