Saturday, March 9, 2013

Racks Jamaican Jerk Chicken Plate

I still can't think of where to eat as I've eaten in most of the restaurants in and around robinsons place mall. Then I saw the Jamaican Jerk Chicken Plate of Racks and fell in love with the fried bananas. I love bananas, especially fried ones. So I ordered one. I chose gravy fries as my one side dish.

If you didn't know that you ordered chicken, you might mistaken the chicken thigh with pork ribs. It was flaky, very tender and very tasty with all the jamaican spices and herbs used. But it kinda gave me the malay food taste that I am not fond of as of the moment. But I made it work by dipping it on Racks regular original barbecue sauce.

Everything on my plate was good, even the thick fries and garlicky-gravy, but unfortunately not the fried bananas. They were dry, bland and hard :-( they were unlike World of Chicken's fried bananas/plantains, which are sweet and tender.

Happy Eating!

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