Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tokyo Don, Ochado and RT Pastry House

After our Atmosphere 360 buffet lunch and a tour around the KL Tower observation deck, we went to Pavilion for some shopping. When we got tired of walking around and trying out stuff, we stopped for dinner at Tokyo Don.

I had the Azuma Set, which has a salad, miso soup, garlic fried rice, yasai itame, salmon and chicken teppanyaki.

I like everything, but I still favor the Salmon Katsu in Ginza Bairin Singapore. Their fried rice is really good though.

P.S. I bought a green tea something drink from Ochado that I brought inside Tokyo Don. It wasn't as good as my favorite Japanese Matcha Smoothie from Chatime (that's not always available :-( ).
I also bought Salted Cheese from RT Pastry House. The lady said it's one of their bestsellers, but I didn't like it that much. Should have bought the Hokkaido Cake instead. And writing this makes me want to try their Hokkaido more.

Happy Eating!

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