Friday, March 29, 2013

Burger Bar The Rising Shroom

After a lot of shopping, my friend and I stopped for dinner at Burger Bar. We were told by the hostess on the steps that we were the 7th in line, but when I went inside to give my number, I saw a lot of vacant seats, thus I asked a server if we can be seated right away. She asked around and then said yes and walked us to our seats.

It was my friend's first time and my second. I wanted to try the The Rising Shroom the first time, so that's what I ordered. My friend, upon reading the "white truffle creamed cheese" description on the menu, ordered the same. We added Onion Rings, Brown Cow Float and the Molten Chocolate Bottoms .

We both love our The Rising Shroom Burger and Onion Rings and would definitely order them again. I love, love, love the white truffle creamed cheese on the burger and the patty's very juicy and the bun was also good. Everything in this burger was good. My friend shared my sentiments. She also said that the onion rings don't taste like it has onions and tasted very good. She also loves her Brown Cow Float.

What we don't love was the Molten Chocolate Bottoms. The ice cream on it was melted already that it doesn't taste nor look like ice cream anymore. In short the molten chocolate bottoms was like a milkshake with the melted cream and ice cream and the all lava cake.

Happy Eating!

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