Friday, March 1, 2013

TWG Fortune Tea Set

When I'm craving for something I don't care about the price or the distance or the wait list. Basically I don't care about anything. I just have to eat it or them that instant. In short, I'm back again at TWG.

This time I had the Fortune Tea Set, available only from 3PM-6PM.

For my tea, I chose Christmas Lights Tea. A green tea with almonds and nutmeg. A sweet tea according to the waiter. It smelled sweet, and tasted strongly of almonds. Like the almond cookies I ate a lot of in HK and Macau.

For my sandwich I had the Croque Monsieur. It was really good. With the bread being so buttery like a croissant. It was like having a delicious croque monsieur on a croissant. But I don't like the too earthy taste of the salad.
For my middle layer I didn't choose the scones and muffins combo, but rather had the Singapore Surprise from their cake display. I wanted the chocolate and matcha and the blackforest as I'm a chocoholic. But the waiter said that it's their specialty and that there's a surprise there somewhere. So even if I wanted the chocolate, I ordered the Singapore Surprise instead.

It was like a creamy pudding pie because of the bottom sweet pie crust. The top was bruleed. I wasn't sure if the surprise was the strawberry scattered inside the cake.

For my macarons choices I picked napoleon and caramel, earl grey and chocolate and praline.

And for my take-out I bought a box of 6 of macarons. I chose one each of the caramel, praline, berries and Lemon and two of my favorite chocolate. The berries tasted of baguio's strawberry jam, the praline tasted like a nocciola/hazelnut gelato, the caramel tasted of a strong caramel, the lemon of lemon bars. My favorite were first the chocolate and second the lemon.

Happy Eating!

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