Friday, March 8, 2013

TWG Latest

Overheard one server telling a customer that the silver moon tea (green tea with strawberries and vanilla) is their best seller. It was also recommended to me by another server when I asked for a green tea recommendation. But he said that it has a fruity taste which I don't like that afternoon. What I did have was the polo club tea, or green tea with caramel.

It's caramel colored and smelled of it too. It has a mild sweetness but with a stronger tea aftertaste than the christmas lights and sakura! sakura! tea.

I still got my favorite fortune tea set with croque monsieur and singapore surprise cake again. I can't help it. It took me a long time (20 minutes) to decide on my cake. In the end I still got my favorite singapore surprise. It won over the matcha chocolate, the caramel, the vanilla bourbon (puff pastry mille feuille with vanilla, bourbon and raspberries), the blueberry tart, and all the other cakes on display.

Guess my favorites won't change for a long time.

Happy Eating!

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