Saturday, July 27, 2013

Chocolat Red Velvet Cupcake

I chanced upon their Red Velvet Cupcake on my way to SM Hypermarket. As a piece is just P35, I bought a couple to try.

They were not great, just an okay cupcake for its price.

Happy Eating!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cold Stone Creamery

I was set on having my favorite matcha smoothie with extra rocksalt and pearls of happy lemon, when I passed-by Cold Stone Creamery. I wanted to try it ASAP. I looked at all their ice cream concoctions and chose founder's favorite, also upon the recommendation of a staff. I added P45 for a chocolate-covered waffle cone. 

Sweet cream ice cream with pecans, brownie, fudge and caramel. 

I liked it. It was packed with fudgey brownies and nuts and I love its' overall taste. I recommend to try it on a chocolate-covered waffle first (just for the experience), and on a cup on your succeeding orders, as you wouldn't be able to finish them (the ice cream and the waffle) all. That's too much sugar for you to handle. 

Happy Eating! 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wildflour Bakery

Were able to try the much-talked-about cronuts yesterday. My friend and I went to Wildflour in BGC just to try them and some of Wildflour's bestsellers.

We went there just a little over 1PM and had to wait a few minutes for a table. The place was packed.

For starters we were given complimentary crusty bread and salted butter. My friend said she liked Myron's bread more, but I do like their butter sprinkled with rocksalt.

For our mains, we ordered two of their bestsellers, the Caramelized Onions, Blue Cheese, Mushrooms, Wild Arugula Tarte Flambée and Bucatini Pasta With Pork Sausage And Tomato Sauce. 

The flambée was too sweet for my liking. The bucatini pasta was a little bit spicy which we (my friend and I) both liked. 

 For dessert we shared on a slice of another bestseller, the Salted Chocolate Cake and a pot of Moroccan Green Tea.

We liked the salty chocolate caramel in between the chocolate cake layer. 

We also bought Cronuts to go. The available flavors that afternoon were Chocolate, Vanilla, Tiramisu and Mixed Berries. I chose Chocolate and Vanilla. I like the chocolate more.

Happy Eating!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Starbucks Green Tea White Chocolate Frappuccino

I went out yesterday to buy food for my son at Healthy Options and also to try Starbucks new green tea drink. 

Basically it's the same green tea frap, but with added white chocolate pudding. Having been drinking a lot of happy lemon's matcha smoothie with extra rocksalt and pearls, I now find starbucks green tea frap too sweet and cloying. But I do like the taste of the white chocolate pudding. 

Happy Eating!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Myron's Place Linguini and Steak

Went out with a friend and had a late lunch at Myron's Place in Greenbelt.

I wanted the sliders and she wanted the hash, in the end we ordered Linguini with Fresh Mushrooms and Truffle Oil and Bianca Cut Steak to share. She also ordered Mojito.

The pasta was just okay, while the steak, even if we had it medium was very chewy. I do love the thick-cut fries though. The mojito, my friend said,  lacked sweetness.

Happy Eating!

P.S. As I love Happy Lemon's matcha smoothie with extra rocksalt and pearls, we had that after Myron's. Unfortunately the cashier got my order wrong and gave us matcha latte instead. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Korean Cold Treats

I saw them while doing my weekly groceries at Metro Supermarket. All were good. The Lotte Double Bianco even had a foldable mini-spoon tucked inside the bottom of the cup.

Happy Eating!

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