Friday, February 20, 2015

Park Avenue Desserts Cupcakes and Roca

I ordered a Glamour Cake from The Sweet Life of Angie for pick-up last Thursday, February 12, but had problems communicating with them thru viber. I ordered Sunday, but got a reply only on Monday evening, telling me that they can't process my order unless I make a 50% downpayment thru bank deposit. Thus, I asked right away for their bank account details, so I can deposit it Tuesday morning. I didn't get a reply after that. I only got a message Thursday evening telling me to pick-up my order that same day. For which I answered that I don't need it anymore. I was also supposed to buy a Pink Daydream flower arrangement from them. I was really looking forward for both orders, that I was really disappointed with the way they handled my orders. 

Anyways, as I still want to buy something sweet to celebrate Valentine's Day, I just bought a whole Chocolate Cake from Cafe Mary Grace (no photo), Red Velvet and Blue Velvet Cupcakes and Roca from Park Avenue Desserts

All were good. But with the cupcakes, I still prefer the blue velvet over the red velvet. While the roca was really made for a true blue chocoholic like me. 

Happy Eating!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Cafe Shibuya Triple Dark Chocolate Frappe

I wanted the Red Velvet Milkshake of Cupcakes by Sonja but decided to try something new that I bought the Triple Dark Chocolate Frappe of Cafe Shibuya instead. 

Belgian chocolate ganache, Ghirardelli cocoa, and sweetened cocoa powder.

To be honest, I didn't like it one bit. It tasted cheap for something with belgian chocolate and Ghirardelli cocoa. 

Happy Eating!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


A day out means eating my favorite food or trying out new dishes and restaurants. Yesterday, it meant ordering my favorite Chicken Club Sandwich and Lemonade at Friday's.

My dining experience this time though was different. I was disappointed. I was disappointed, that I had to ask 3 different servers for an extra order of mayonnaise to be served, that I had to ask twice for ice to be put on my lukewarm lemonade (it's too warm for a supposedly cold drink), that their long, thick-cut fries were now short and some were very thin with just the potato skin, and that there were a lot of flies flying around me and my food. 

For reference, this was their former long, thick-cut fries.

I can't contain my disappointment, that I texted it to the feedback number written on a small board on my table. In the middle of my dining, a manager approached me and asked about my bad dining experience. Apparently, the text I sent was received by their big bosses. So I explained to her one by one why I sent that text. She told me that she's sorry for the unattentive servers and the warm lemonade. She also told me that they have a scheduled fumigation later that evening (that will addressed the problem with the flies), and that they have a new fries supplier thus the new appearance of the fries. She also offered me free dessert or a free meal to compensate for their shortcomings, but I declined. I just want a better experience next time. And for them to revert back to their old long, thick-cut and prefectly-seasoned fries, which I love.

Happy Eating!

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