Friday, February 20, 2015

Park Avenue Desserts Cupcakes and Roca

I ordered a Glamour Cake from The Sweet Life of Angie for pick-up last Thursday, February 12, but had problems communicating with them thru viber. I ordered Sunday, but got a reply only on Monday evening, telling me that they can't process my order unless I make a 50% downpayment thru bank deposit. Thus, I asked right away for their bank account details, so I can deposit it Tuesday morning. I didn't get a reply after that. I only got a message Thursday evening telling me to pick-up my order that same day. For which I answered that I don't need it anymore. I was also supposed to buy a Pink Daydream flower arrangement from them. I was really looking forward for both orders, that I was really disappointed with the way they handled my orders. 

Anyways, as I still want to buy something sweet to celebrate Valentine's Day, I just bought a whole Chocolate Cake from Cafe Mary Grace (no photo), Red Velvet and Blue Velvet Cupcakes and Roca from Park Avenue Desserts

All were good. But with the cupcakes, I still prefer the blue velvet over the red velvet. While the roca was really made for a true blue chocoholic like me. 

Happy Eating!

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