Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mang Inasal and Thousand Cranes

Wednesday was her real birthday, so we also went out that day.

For breakfast we had Jollibee Longganisa, Pancakes and lots of Hot Chocolate. Then it was off to the mall.

We shopped hard again and only stopped for a late lunch at Mang Inasal ( my mother loves their chicken pecho meal).
We each had different orders. What I had was Bangus Sisig and Halo-Halo. Both were good.

After lunch we shopped some more before going home to prepare for my sister's flight back to sg. When she was already packed we ate my mother's bday cake and chef tony's creamy parmesan and white chocolate with walnuts popcorn, while waiting for our ride.

After dropping her off the airport, we went to Resorts World to shop and have a very late dinner. We ate at Thousand Cranes Shabu-Shabu.

We ordered the Seafood and Chicken Breast and Angus Beef and Seafood, and two orders of Japanese Rice.

It was a satisfying dinner. Loved the Japanese rice. Everyone did.

For dessert, as we already ate a whole lot of my mother's chocolate cake, we just had mcdonald's choco mc dip. Shopping again after that and then it was time to go home.

Back at home, everyone slept right away while I had a piece of the bday cake before going to sleep. What a full 2 days we had.

Happy Eating!

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