Sunday, February 24, 2013

A day of favorites

I went to powerplant mall to exchange something that I bought in ever new last sunday. But before I went to ever new, I had lunch first at CPK.

I saw that they have a promotion for the month of february, 2 personal size pizza for 499. California club and italian sausage with pepper. I wanted to order that but I really miss eating my favorite original BBQ chicken pizza, so that's what I ordered, plus raspberry iced tea.

While waiting for the pizza, I drank two glasses of iced tea that when the pizza was served, I was already too full to eat. In short, I just had the pizza to go.

After exchanging the iphone bag, I went at the basement and bought a chocolate cupcake and a cookie at little miss OC's booth.
The cookie and cupcake were both moist and bitter (dark chocolate bitter).

Then off to glorietta and greenbelt I went.

I bought a centennial loaf at the baguio country club section in heaven and eggs glorietta. It's a smaller loaf of their famous raisin bread. I also bought a red velvet and valrhona chocolate cupcake at vanilla cupcake bakery.

For dinner I had carbonara at shakey's. And for dessert, my favorite avocado shake at seattle's best. Then I bought a box of 6 of my favorite macarons at TWG. Can you call this day a day of favorites?

Happy Eating!

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