Monday, February 25, 2013


I was inside the Food Choices in Glorietta looking for a good place to eat. I saw that they already have a Pepper Lunch Express inside and was on my way to fall in line when I chanced upon Manang's. I then texted a friend who have already tried them if they were any good. And she answered I like them. So I gave them a shot.

I ordered the 2 piece chicken with spaghetti and added an extra rice.
For my chicken I chose original.

The chicken was indeed very tasty, but only on the outside. If you're like me who doesn't eat chicken skin, then you wouldn't like it that much. I was thinking of maybe next time I can ask for the sauce to be put on the side and not coated on the chicken. While the spaghetti tasted just like a watered down ketchup.

Happy Eating!

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