Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

While at glorietta I saw a woman carrying a cute bag of cupcakes, I wanted to ask her where she bought them but she walked very fast.

Still I was estatic as on my way to SM Makati I walked past Vanilla Cupcake Bakery and saw the same package the woman was carrying on display.

When I asked what's their best seller I were told that it's Red Velvet but it's already sold out, next would be the vanilla Pink, Bubblegum, and Banana Hazelnut. I was ready to buy the Vanilla Pink but saw a staff put 3 Red Velvet on display. I told her to reserve them for me. Lucky me.

I wanted to eat the cupcake at their pretty and comfortable dining area but since I still have a lot of things to buy before the mall's close, I just had them to go.

It was good, not too sweet as the staff said. I would definitely go back and buy myself some more Red Velvet and try their Fudge Brownie and maybe this time eat them there.

Happy Eating!

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