Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Burger Bar

Been reading about them a lot these past few weeks. It piqued my curiosity that one afternoon I trooped all the way to greenbelt, and foregone all the important errands of that day, just so I can try them.

I wanted to try the Rising Shroom because of the white truffle cream cheese, but the waiter told me that I should try their bestseller burgers. The Bar Burger and The Hangover. So I ordered them both. One was to go.

I also ordered Onion Rings and The Arnold Palmer.

From the two I like the hangover burger more. It was juicy. And the addition of the sunny side up egg made it moist. The sesame bun too was soft. i just don't like the BBQ sauce that much. While the brioche bun of the bar burger wasn't buttery nor soft, the patty not juicy and the toppings were a little bit dry.

The onion rings were sprinkled with BBQ powder I were told . They were very filling that when I ate them with my burger I was only able to eat half of my burger. Btw, according to the waiter their patties were quarter pounder in size.

My arnold palmer drink, a mix of lemonade and iced tea, tasted just like a lemonade would. None of the iced tea taste.

I wanted to try one of their desserts in a jar but I was too full and I don't have anyone to share it with. And since they all have ice cream in it, I can't have them to go. Maybe next time I will.

For my to-go dessert, I bought my favorite macarons at TWG.

I bought the box of 6. 4 of my uber favorite earl grey and chocolate and one each of lemon and caramel.

I ate them for midnight snack with twg emperor sencha tea at home. The good life.

Happy Eating!

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