Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Conti's Dulce Cheesecake

After our Chili's dinner and a short shopping at the rest of Greenbelt 5, we (my friend and I) went to Conti's to buy a mini of her favorite Mango Bravo and a box of 8 of Chicken Pie and Polvoron.
I wasn't in the mood to buy a whole cake, and buying a slice of mango bravo to go will just result in melted cake. So I just bought a slice of their recommended cake of the moment, the Dulce Cheesecake.

Caramel flavored light cheesecake on a graham crust with a layer of caramel mousse and whipped cream

The mousse part was like caramel ice cream, the cheesecake part was too tangy that I wasn't able to taste any caramel in it, but was thick, while the crust was buttery. I like this new cheesecake from Conti's as there's balance in sweetness and tanginess. as the sweetness of the caramel mousse jives with the too tangy cheesecake layer.

Happy Eating!

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