Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chili's Chicken Fajitas and Mucho Mango

I went out with another friend, and after shopping non-stop in Landmark and Greenbelt, we rested our very tired feet and had a very late lunch and early dinner at Chili's.

I wanted myron's but we were told that the entire air-conditioned area of the restaurant were reserved that night and only the outdoor area was available. We didn't want to dine outside as it was hot and humid that afternoon/night.

The tostada chips and salsa were complimentary only to waiting customers, but when I asked our very friendly server, Mylene, if we can have some, she readily asked the manager-on-duty and returned with a basketful. That's already a savings of P300.

My friend ordered the beef salpicao that comes with rice, vegetables and buttered toast. She had it well done instead of the recommended medium well, but she said the beef were still very juicy despite being well done/ her choice of cooking (Sorry no photo)

While I had the Chicken Fajitas.

I like everything as they were tasty. It just took almost half an hour to be served. Twice the time it took the beef salpicao. I don't know why.

For drinks my friend had the Fresh Strawberry Smoothie while I had the Mucho Mango upon the recommendation of mylene.

I didn't taste my friend's order, but I definitely liked mine. It was a thick shake with vanilla ice cream as the lead star and the mango and orange sharing equal billing as support.

Happy Eating!

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