Friday, February 15, 2013


I went to dfa in aseana for my passport renewal, but since my appointment won't be until 230PM, I waited it out at S&R next door.

I bought assorted muffins, a slice of cheesecake factory's red velvet cake, 2 orders of chicken baked roll and french fries.

I don't know if it's intentional that there's still brown colored cake in the red velvet and not all throughout red. The red part was moist, while the brown part was dry.

I also don't like their fries, they were cloying unlike Jollibee's fries, which I can eat a lot of, dipped in mayo-ketchup.

The muffins I bought were the ghirardelli white chocolate chips, double chocolate, red velvet and chocolate pecan.

All were good except the red velvet, that even my mom liked them (she ate the chocolate pecan).

Next time I'll try the hershey's cake.

Happy Eating!

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