Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Starbucks, Pancake House and Yellow Cab

I went for a check-up without eating breakfast. So while waiting for my turn at the doctor's clinic, I went down and bought myself a sandwich at Starbucks.
Chicken pesto was not available so I just bought forest ham, egg whites and gouda.
It was salty on some areas, but overall a good sandwich.

After my check-up I went to Pancake House to meet with a friend for lunch.
As I already had a sandwich for breakfast, I didn't order the Chicken Asparagus but instead had the House Special while
my friend ordered the Warm Bacon Potato Salad and Best Taco.

The Warm Bacon was good but a little bit bland, but nothing that a dash of salt here and there couldn't fix.

The House Special has Spaghetti, Garlic Toast, Chicken with Gravy, Beef Taco and Iced Tea.

Everything was oilier than usual especially the chicken. But I was still able to finish them all. Though I just don't think I'll be having them again anytime soon.
I also don't like that they only serve iced tea for the special.

After my Pancake Lunch, I was supposed to also have Gurtz there, but my friend told me that it wasn't good, so I just had my favorite cutie cup at Tutti Frutti.
This time I had it with Mochi and Sliced Almonds. It was good as always that I was tempted to have more. But I had to stop myself as I had a lot of candies and chocolates in between lunch and Tutti Frutti.

To keep myself from eating I had a haircut and a pedicure. That kept me idle and engrossed with different magazines for an hour.

After that I went to Yellow Cab and ordered a Grilled Chicken Lime Foldover and a Charlie Chan Pasta.

The foldover came with a dip or sauce that you'll pour on your foldover pizza before folding it over.

I like the sauce, the crisp and fresh veggies and the overall taste of the foldover itself, I just don't like that the foldover was dry and rubbery-chewy on some areas.

Happy Eating!

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