Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cocoa Poppers and Frostings Cupcakes

Since I always buy sweets to eat at home, I bought my favorite Cocoa Poppers at Parvati in Trinoma and cupcakes at Frostings.

At Frostings I bought my favorite, Brazo de Mercedes, and 3 new cupcake flavors, Chocolate Blackout, Milk Chocolate (formerly known as Swiss Chocolate) and White Chocolate Red Velvet.

I didn't like the Blackout and Milk Chocolate as they just tasted sweet and didn't taste of chocolate. But what I happened to like more was the White Chocolate Cuplet as that tiny cupcake has 3 layers of white chocolate (top, middle and bottom) and 2 layers of red velvet cake.

Happy Eating!

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