Sunday, February 17, 2013

Seoul Garden

After our big lunch at Jollibee of chickenjoy with rice, jolly spaghetti, large fries, peach mango pie, choco crumble sundae and large softdrinks, and a few hours of down time at the park, it was now time for dinner.

I had the chicken garlic bap, my sister and brother-in-law, the beef bulgogi bap (their best seller bap), my mother and niece shared on a seafood hotpot that's good for two, plus an order of seafood pancake (sorry but no pic on both orders, but they seemed to like it as they finished their orders). My brother and his GF shared on a spicy stew with an order also of seafood pancake. I did try the stew it was indeed spicy.

For our drinks we had canned sodas, peach mango tea and brown rice green tea. The brown rice green tea was very light that even my 17mos old nephew liked it.

For dessert we had orders of black sesame and banana nut ice cream. I like the black sesame more, though the black sesame taste was very light.

Happy Eating!

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