Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lugang Cafe

My friend and I went out to watch a movie at the director's club in mall of asia, which btw is very comfortable, with its la-z boy recliner seats. But since it won't start until 4PM, we had a late lunch first at Lugang Cafe, also in mall of asia.

Since I am allergic to shrimps and the chicken xia long bao was not available that day, we just had the vegetable dumplings with truffle oil, also upon the recommendation of the server.

The wrapper was fresh, while the filling reminded me of kuchay dumplings but with a mild hint of truffle. The black vinegar dip was a perfect pair for the dumplings.

Our other dish was the sate beef with spinach.

This was also very good. Although it did taste like it has fish sauce in it, but nevertheless the beef was tender and the spinach cooked just right.

For our dessert we had the peanut smoothie.

Our server warned us that it's good for 5 people and not two, and that we should order something else. But since we really wanted to try it, we went ahead with our order.

It was like eating peanut butter. That I told my friend that the only thing missing was the bread. But we still liked it, especially since it was very hot outside. We needed something cold, even if it tasted like peanut butter.

We weren't able to finish it, maybe just ate half of it. But I don't think it's good for 5. Maybe just 3 or 4, if they are not big eaters.

I like the classy interior of the cafe and also the high ceiling. It helps as the cafe is always full. It made the cafe seemed less crowded as it is.

Happy Eating!

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