Thursday, July 17, 2014

IHOP Pick-A-Pancake Combo and Rooty Jr

After our appointment at the DFA, we went to the Mall of Asia for a late lunch.

I wanted the Kung Pao Chicken of CPK, but my husband didn't want pizza nor pasta at that time, so I made him choose between Friday's and IHOP, and he chose IHOP.

He ordered the Beef Tapa from the Breakfast Selection. He said that it was good.

For my son, we ordered the Rooty Jr. 
It has one scrambled egg, a strip of bacon, one pork sausage link and one buttermilk pancake with our choice of strawberry topping.

While I had the Pick-A-Pancake Combo.
It has two same-flavored pancakes (I chose chocolate chips), two eggs, hash browns (which I asked to be replaced with seasoned fries) and two bacon strips or sausage links (I chose sausage links). For drinks I had the Splashberry.

I like their fries. Their pancakes were too chewy, which I didn't like, nor did my husband.

Happy Eating!


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