Monday, October 20, 2014

Early Bird Breakfast Club

I was out of the house early and wanted to try Green Cheese, unfortunately, they weren't open yet, so I looked for another place to try. That's when I saw Early Bird Breakfast Club

I wanted to try the Grilled Cheese with 
Tomato Soup, but settled with the 
Sunny Salpicao instead. 

Chicken pieces with their special sauce, 
Mushroom, breakfast rice and sunny 
side up egg

It was just okay for me. 

For my drinks, I had their best seller, the 

It's caramelized soda with whipped cream
and marshmallows

I was excited to try this as I associate it with 
Harry Potter :)

This was so good. Even the cream and the
marshmallows were good. I would
definitely order this again.

Happy Eating!

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