Sunday, November 30, 2014

Osaka Ohsho

I read about them on a blogger's IG post. I became curious especially since they're famous for their gyoza. I like gyoza and steamed dumplings. 

So after my doctor's appointment, I went to their branch in SM Mega Fashion Hall.

I ordered the Karaage Set

It has 3 pieces of their original gyoza, 3 pieces of karaage, chahan rice, miso soup and fruits.

I asked for an extra of the 3 dipping sauces for the karaage. 

I like the karaage more than the gyoza. Maybe because the gyoza were oversteamed and soggy. I prefer the gyoza of Santouka, also because it's chicken and not pork.

The Apple Lychee Soda that I ordered was a disappointment, as it no longer has the fizz of a soda, and also because of the gritty texture of the drink. 

Happy Eating!

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