Saturday, October 17, 2015


I wanted the Soonsal, unfortunately it was not available, so I settled for the drumsticks in original flavor. I ordered Kimchi Rice to go with it.

It took quite a long time for my orders to arrive, as they were made to order. 15 minutes to fry their chicken, another 2 minutes for double frying to remove oil completely, and 5 minutes to brush the sauce on all sides carefully.  I thought that I wouldn't enjoy the chicken as the flavors/glaze were on the skin, and as I don't eat chicken skin, that I would just be left with a tasteless chicken. But surprise! Surprise! The flavors were skin deep. The kimchi rice was soooooo spicy, that I felt I was eating chili instead of rice. That explains why every customers that day were ordering garlic butter rice. 

They only have one dessert, the Hotteok, Korean pancake with cinnamon and nuts.

It was different as it wasn't the fluffy kind. It has the consistency of a bread, with a pull on your every bite. But it was still good. 

I hope they'll add more dessert choices, and that all items will be available every time.

Happy Eating!

P.S. I went back a few days after and fortunately enough, the Soonsal was available. I immediately ordered that plus an order of Butter Rice. Both were just okay.

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