Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sweet Bella Cafe

I wanted to eat the shroom burger with truffled cream cheese of burger bar (my favorite burger)  but since I also wanted to try something new, I dined instead at Sweet Bella Cafe.

I wanted the truffle pasta or the croque monsieur, but the waiter was adamant on  saying that the monster burger is their bestseller and that's what I should order. I regretted listening to him.

The burger was big but I didn't like the taste of everything on it. From the buttered bun up to the not-so-fresh lettuce.  

For my dessert I ordered the hazelnut crunch. The cake was small but dense and is chocolate all over, with just a hint, rather a crunch of hazelnut (like ferrero). I didn't know that something that small could be so filling. 

To go I bought a salted caramel macaron to try. Not good though.

Happy Eating!

P.S. There's a lot of flies inside the restaurant or maybe just my corner, that they automatically put a small candle on my table. But I do love their choice of music. I felt like I was eating inside a parisian cafe. A lot of Edith Piaf. Would I be back? I don't think so. But maybe, just to buy a hazelnut crunch to go.

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