Thursday, April 17, 2014


I watched an episode of KrisTv, where Kris was raving about how good their Eclait Aux Fraises (Strawberry Cream Eclair) was. She also liked their Sauté de Poulet Aux Champignons

So when my college friends and I went out last Saturday, we dined there for snacks after our heavy Bulgogi Brothers meal.

A friend and I shared on an order of Sauté de Poulet Aux Champignons,

Roasted chicken chunks in a creamy sauteed mushrooms sauce. Served with slices of paul's country bread to dip in.

They were good. But they are better shared than eaten alone. 

Since we also wanted to have tea for drinks, we ordered their Thé Surprise 

Any tea served with a mini crème brûlée, 1/2 moelleux chocolat slice, and two mini macarons

I like everything on this plate. Everything was good. 

We also ordered a piece of Eclait Aux Fraises 

Traditional choux pastry with strawberries and whipped cream

It was so good. The cream tasted heavenly and the strawberries were plump and fresh. My friend even said that she wanted it as her last bite, as she wanted the taste of it to linger.

We also shared on a piece of Chocolate Tart (I forgot to get its french name), which was also good, but not as good as the eclair. 

A friend also ordered this, 

Forgot its name. She only liked the chocolate and not the pastry.

We were all impressed with what we ordered that we went back a few days after and ordered the same thing, except the tart. 

Happy Eating!

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