Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Todd English Food Hall

When I heard that they were already open, I went to SM Aura right away to try them. 

Based on what I read, their must-tries are the Fig and Prosciutto on Flat Bread, the Steak Asada Tacos and the OMG Cake.

I went there around 5PM and were told that they won't open til 6PM, so I bought myself a piece of Paul's strawberry cream eclair to eat while waiting.

I chose to eat at the bar since I went there solo, and also to give way to the other diners with company. 

When I told the server that I wanted the Fig and Prosciutto, she told me that it is a big order for a solo diner, and that I should just order their bestseller sandwich/burger, the T.E. Slider

The 3 mini-burgers come with fries and some greens. 

At first bite again, it tasted like Burger King Whopper, as it's grilled. But that's where their similarity stops. T.E.'s patties tasted fresh and were also thick, it just needed more seasoning. 

The fries that came with them tasted like a vegetable that I can't pinpoint what. But they do taste good. 

For dessert I ordered the OMG Cake

It was too sweet for me that I only ate a little of it. 

Happy Eating!

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