Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kogi Bulgogi Ssām Wrap

I love grilled meat and Korean food, that's why I was very anxious to try the Dak Gul Ssām Wrap of Kogi Bulgogi 

It doesn't come with rice, so I ordered one for myself. 

I can't compare it to the Premium Boneless Shortribs of Bulgogi Brothers (my favorite), as it's chicken. Next time I'll order the beef version of the ssām wrap. 

While waiting for my order they served me side dishes (complimentary and refillable) and upon my request, a pot of their house tea (Barley Tea). 

From the side dishes, I like the peanuts and kimchi, that I even asked for refills of both. But the kimchi of bulgogi brothers is still the best for me.

To go, I also ordered their Ramen and Steamed Dumplings (sorry, no photos), which were both good, according to my husband.

Happy Eating!

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