Monday, August 25, 2014

St Marc Cafe

I like Azabo Sabo in Singapore, and thought that St Marc would give me the same vibe, that I was very excited to try it.

We ordered one of their bestseller parfaits, the Kyoto Delight

This was delicious as there's a lot of layer of taste and texture. But I wanted it to have more green tea ice cream than just a small scoop on the side. The red bean paste beside the ice cream was also good and tasted freshly-made. This dessert is best shared, as you'll find it hard to finish alone.

We also tried their Nara

They forgot to put the matcha jellies when they first served it to us, that we returned it. The picture here was what was served to us the second time. It wasn't that presentable anymore, but we just let it slide, as they were just newly-opened. 

The matcha jellies were very bitter, but were enjoyable to eat when paired with the ice cream. 

To go, I ordered their famous Choco Cro and Strawberry Daifuku

Best eaten warm.

Happy Eating!

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