Sunday, July 4, 2010

Chef Tony's Dark Chocolate

The guy tending the kiosk recommended this flavor to me. He said that this is his favorite. He also said that it might not look thoroughly-coated with dark chocolate but like their White Chocolate Walnut, it is. With that comparison, I was sold.

I bought a large container of their Limited Edition Dark Chocolate with Almond for P210.00

When I ate it inside the cinema, I can't taste the Dark Chocolate nor any kind of chocolate for that matter. All I can taste was the bitterness, though not from the dark chocolate, but bitter, as in burnt sugar bitter. And even the almonds in it were over roasted.

I was so disappointed with its taste that I went out and bought a large White Chocolate and Walnut to console me.

Happy Eating!


♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

i liked it naman... one of my faves.. but then i find it a bit the same as the roasted almond mochaccino which is my fave so I get the mochaccino nalang coz it's also cheaper.

Sweet Dreams said...

If you said it's good then maybe it's just the batch that I tried that's off. I'll give it another try after a month. Am excited to try the mochaccino though.

u8mypinkc00kies said...

try the mochaccino... it's yummy! :D

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