Sunday, July 4, 2010

Joey Pepperoni

I passed by their standee of the Buy One Take One Pizza Promo outside their restaurant and told myself, what have I got to lose, might as well try it. And so I did.

Inside I can't decide whether to order one of each flavor or just 2 of the Messicana. My gut told me to go with the latter. But just to be sure I asked a fellow diner for his opinion. He told me to order their Messicana which also happens to be their best seller. So that's what I did. I ordered 2 of their 8-inch Messicana.

- has beef toppings, bacon, cheddar cheese, mushroom and mexican seasonings

When it was served, the smell was intoxicating. It also has generous amount of toppings on a thin cracker-like crust. Cracker-like as in skyflakes cracker-like.
At one point I even thought I was eating skyflakes with beef toppings. The experience was similar, there's crunch on almost every bite. I suggest you eat it with your hands and not with fork and knife, it is easier that way.

I like that the pizza has generous toppings, what I don't like was that the supposed to be mexican taste in it was not thoroughly-infused on the toppings but just sprinkled on the pizza.

The server told me that an order of 2 8-inch pizza was good for one ravenous person or two hungry people. But lo and behold I finished that 2 orders and I was not even hungry.

Happy Eating!


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