Saturday, January 31, 2015

Park Avenue Desserts

I liked their Eiffel Tower Praline, that I came back for more. Unfortunately, it was already soldout. Disappointed, I looked around for other items to try. It wasn't hard as I wanted to try them all. But I just limit myself to 4 that day.

I bought a small container of their Brookies (brownie + cookie rolled into one), Melted Brownie, Blue Velvet (like red velvet but it's blue, with white chocolate, cream cheese and blueberry filling) and Salted Caramel Praline.

I had the brookies both at room temperature and warmed in the microwave. I like it more melted.

I were told that the Blue Velvet was their blue version of the red velvet but better, as it's with white chocolate and blueberry filling. I were also told that it's good and not too sweet. And they weren't lying. 

The Melted Brownie was also good and chocolatey. It's different from traditional brownies as it has 3 layers of chocolate with different textures and taste.

And lastly the Salted Caramel Praline

You would think that it's pricey for it's size, but think again, as they didn't scrimp on anything on this praline. Just look at how thick the caramel is inside. 

Honestly, they haven't disappointed me yet when it comes to taste. As all I have bought from them were delicious. Can't wait to sample more of what they offer next time.

Happy Eating! 

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