Sunday, January 20, 2008

Apartment 1B

It received a lot of good reviews from the blogging & publishing world as well as the old-rich of Makati and Alabang. It has a homey & cozy ambiance, with couches and wooden chairs of different sizes & styles.
It has dining areas on the ground and mezzanine floors. Clean wash area and two cubicles make-up the restroom.

Socializing with friends, sharing fun stories with your family, having an intimate dinner with your special someone or just cozying up with a good book or magazine are all welcome in the restaurant. There's also no loud music on the background. Just a LCD TV on mute and the voices & laughter of diners having fun.

They're famous for their breakfast menu that they serve from 7am-3pm. With the amount of calories & fat each dish contains, it is but right to eat it for brunch.
the interior of the resto....

Here are my orders, as in MY, 'coz i dined alone.


Eggs Benedict with Canadian Ham & Spinach P320

Apt1eggsclosed2 It consists of 2 halves of a wheat english muffin, with canadian ham, spinach & poached eggs, topped by heavenly drizzle of lemon-caper hollandaise sauce. It comes with a salad and home fries, that you can use to mop up the extra egg yolk or hollandaise with.

The muffins were soft and warm, the spinach is creamy, the canadian ham is sweet with a little bit of saltiness to it, the eggs are poached just right and the hollandaise sauce is creamy & well- seasoned. But what I can't stop raving about is their home fries. I tried ordering an extra serving of it but they're already sold out. So I called in advance the next day for 2 orders of it.That's how addicted to it I am.


Home Fries P60
Creamy cubed potatoes with secret spices and onion slivers. It's the best tasting fries I have ever eaten in my life , so far that is.

And for dessert....


White Toblerone Cheesecake P180

Creamy cheesecake with white Toblerone bits, nestling on top of a slightly crunchy graham crust. It is served with freshly whipped cream & raspberry coulis.
Though, white chocolate is not really a chocolate or from cocoa but from cocoa butter, I still love it.
The presence of the white Toblerone bits on the cheesecake breaks its tangyness. And I agree with what the server of the resto said to me, that even if you don't like cheesecake, you'll like this one. 'Coz I surely did.

Happy Eating!

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