Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday Salcedo Market

I always read about the Saturday Salcedo Market. So I visited it last saturday. It was raining, so I had a hard time enjoying the goodies on sale in one go. I roamed it thrice, and put in memory those that I would buy and came back for it. They sell a lot of organic produce, cooked and raw food, spices, breads, dips, sauces, sweets and pastries.
Tita Cely with her laing, bicol express, etc was there. A french man selling french food, different kinds of pizzas, pastas and sweets, another french selling crepes for P35, raw wagyu beef and australian beef by Viger Trading, Connie's with her great tasting Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Gng. Bukid with the Best Maja Blanca (according to Heny Sison and the Phil Daily Inquirer), and a whole lot more.
There's a lot of free taste on sausages, dips and sweets too.

Here are what I bought:

Bud-bud Kabog (plain) P25


It is a Visayan suman made from millet (not the bird seed variety). sold by Maribel Van Hoven of Alabang, from a family recipe.
Once you unwrapped the leaves, you will be treated to a fragrant, delicious kabog, that seems to melt in your mouth. It's a different kind of suman, one that you'll definitely get addicted to.

Chinese Lumpia P40
an inside look.........
It reminded me of the Lettuce wrap of CPK. Soft wrapper with lots of fillings partnered with a sweet, peanutty sauce.
And lastly from Delimondo, a food firm by Katrina Enrile of the Jaka Group, the creations of the infamous, Chef Ed Quimson.
Ranch-Style Corned Beef P100
Premium in taste, not oily and chunky like other corned beef. And also less fat. Better than our local and that of imported corned beef.
Chili and Garlic Sausage P100
Great garlicky taste with a kick of chili. Best in pasta & pizza, with bread or on its own.

Happy Eating!
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