Thursday, January 31, 2008

Slammer Burgers

I wouldn't have tried it if not for my husband. I'm afraid of wasting my money for a bland-tasting burger. My mind's already set on where to go if ever I crave one, Burger King or Brothers Burger or if I'm short of cash, McDonald's or Jollibee.

***just look at the lines....not pictured are the ones waiting for their orders

After eating at Kozui, my husband, still hungry, ordered Jalapeno Cheeseburger at Slammer Burgers. Hesitant, but still willing to take a bite, I did and, surprise, surprise, I liked it.
It is not as spicy as the Kamikaze Burger of Hotshots, not "one that would burn your tongue" spicy, but just "with a kick" spicy.


The bun is crusty on the outside but soft inside. The cheese added tartness to the burger, but the surprise of all, the patty tasted like that of Brothers Burger. No wonder they always have long lines, their burgers are great. Though a little pricey than the usual Jollibee or McDo burgers, at P60 for 2 mini burgers with a brothers burger taste, it's worth it.

***a close-up view of the burger....

I just hope they'll sell mix flavors of burger an order and not just one flavor per order. In that way you'll get to try more from their burger selections.

Happy Eating!

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