Thursday, January 31, 2008

Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe is a lifestyle chain from Malaysia which has already established its name in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, for its quality cakes, fusion food and distinctive service. They are trying to do the same here in the Philippines, by opening a second branch at the new wing (Midtown) of Robinsons Place Ermita. They have an award-winning dish, the Irish Lamb Stew, they also serve authentic & spicy Singapore Laksa & Grilled Black Pepper Chicken. They have specialized menu for the kids like, Mini Burgers and Fish and Chips. Not to forget their endless displays of cakes.

***this is their take-out box for cake slice, a notch higher from our local bakeshops.


Pan-grilled dory fillets with home-made lobster sauce.
Served with french fries, sweet peas, cauliflower & carrots.
The fillet is well-seasoned, same with the sauce, not nauseatingly rich. The fries are beautifully cut, with just the right crispiness. The veggies are still crunchy with a slight hint of butter. You can also try to dip the fries and the veggies on the lobster sauce for a better way of eating it.

Baked minced beef with special tomato sauce, topped with cheese & served with their homemade bun.
You have a choice of beef or chicken with your lasagna.
For just P135, it's more than worthy of your money.
The minced beef are lean cuts with rarely a fatty one in sight. It's different from the one's sold at Greenwich or Red Ribbon, because they use minced and not ground beef. Plus, their sauce is just right, in between sweet and sour, so it'll definitely cater to the foreigners and Filipinos alike. The serving is more than good for one, but too little for two. The homemade bun that came with it is soft, warm and has a creamy taste to it.

An incredible combination of fresh roasted macadamia nuts and creamy vanilla filling, coated with white chocolate.
I was impressed with its taste & appearance. It is virginal in look but devilishly good in taste. Its filling even tasted like ice cream =)

Juicy chunks of mangoes come together with home-cooked mango puree and fresh cream.
Though it is liked by a lot of bloggers and has been on the TOP CAKES OF THE MONTH, I don't like it that much. It's plain-tasting to me, and the mangoes used were a little bit sour =(

Happy Eating!

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