Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mom and Tina's

After the Krispy Kreme Kruffin and Pull-Apart, and the Kooky and Luscious Carrot Cake, I walked a couple of steps more and was directed to Mom and Tina's

With the carrot cake not being enough to satisfy me for the next day, I also bought Orange Mandarin Cupcake (P30.00) and Hershey's Brownie (P25.00) at Mom and Tina's.

The Orange Mandarin Cupcake was good and light. It also has a thin orange custard in between the icing and the cupcake. The cupcake base was not only moist and soft but it also has a milky taste to it.

The cupcake as a whole gave me a cheese ice cream vibe without the tang.

The Hershey's Brownie was too little for its price. It was also not fudgy but more of like a flourless chocolate cake in texture. With that said, what I only like in it were the big Hershey's chocolate chips, that that minute size has a lot of. I wouldn't mind buying one again just for the Hershey's chocolate chips.


Happy Eating!

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