Monday, May 17, 2010

Tutti Frutti

I saw and tried them first at their soft opening in SM San Lazaro Manila and I am forever hooked after that.

They have a different system, more like a self-service kind of yogurt shop where you have to dispense your own yogurt and top them with anything and everything you want. Everything you have to do on your own.

These are the steps:
- pick your cup size
- dispense yogurt (choices are: taro, splenda strawberry, death by chocolate, green apple, p-nut butter, lychee, vanilla and blueberry)
- pick fave topping
- weigh and pay (P20/ounce)

Since I wanted to try as much as I can in one order, I had taro yogurt with blueberries and red bean toppings at the bottom and death by chocolate yogurt topped with chocolate coating, crushed oreos, cookie dough and almond slivers on top.

I basically put 2 concoctions in that regular-sized cup. It weighed 8oz equivalent to P160.00

Their yogurts are not the airy type, they are dense and heavy that you'll get easily full. Their chocolate yogurt melted fast but their taro, not as much.

I love everything in my cup. The taro taste was too versatile that it's good paired with almost any toppings. While the chocolate was like a frozen magnolia chocolait drink. Their yogurts didn't taste like yogurts at all, none of the sour /tangy taste, but more like sherbets.


Happy Eating!

SM San Lazaro

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