Saturday, May 18, 2013

OVN Bread Co

Went to SM Aura with my highschool friend yesterday. There were not much stores to see nor restaurants to eat at yet. Only the food court, Jollibee, KFC, Paul and OVN Bread Co were open.

Since we can't no longer stand the dust and our hunger, we just bought pizzas and pastries at OVN to eat on our commute to Glorietta. I had the Manila Four Cheese Pizza, while my friend bought Laguna Kesong Puti and Tomato.

Both were on a sweet, thin and crispy crust. The kesong puti and tomato was better than the four cheese.

We also bought two each of the Caramoan Calamansi Muffin and the Calle Real Ube. Both were not good. The muffin was dry and crumbly, while the tart's custard tasted like condensed milk.

Btw, I suggest you don't visit SM Aura yet as there's not much shops yet and there's still a lot of dust inside. Even the stuff we bought at Baby Company were very dusty. 

Happy Eating!

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