Saturday, May 18, 2013


We just ate Burger King's BBQ Whopper Meal inside the cinema ( we watched The Great Gatsby in 3D), so as soon as we went out, we looked for something good to eat. We settled at Sumosam in Greenbelt.

I ordered Tori Chizu, Chicken Teriyaki, Japanese Fried Rice and Green Tea Popsicle, while my friend had California Maki, Japanese Carbonara, Chicken Teriyaki, Green Tea Iced Tea and Pistachio Popsicle.

I like the maki, japanese fried rice and carbonara, although the noodles were soggy. I don't like the tori chizu as they included the chicken skin in the roll and I don't eat chicken skin. The green tea popsicle was better than the pistachio, even if there's pistachio in every bite of the popsicle, it was "nakakaumay".

Happy Eating!

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