Monday, August 26, 2013


My friend and I wanted to try the croughnuts of Dolcelatte, as we both like the cronuts of Wild Flour. So last Saturday we went to Dolcelatte for a late lunch.

I ordered Cajun-Spiced Salmon Steak while my friend had the Seafood Marinara.

My friend said that the marinara was at par with the marinaras she had in Italy. For my salmon, it was just so-so. I can't even taste the cajun spice, but it tasted fresh. 

If you want to choose the flavors for your croughnuts you have to call and reserve in advance. They seldom have excess croughnuts to sell for walk-in customers. 

Good thing that that afternoon they have 5 excess boxes. As we weren't able to choose the flavors, the flavors in our box were raspberry cream cheese, custard cream cheese, peanut butter crisp, almond caramel, and one which I forgot to ask the name of.

They were pleasing to the eyes, but not as good as the cronuts of wild flour taste-wise.

Happy Eating!

P.S. I also bought a pack of dark chocolate cookies and a slice of their famous valrhona crunch cake. The cake was good, while the cookies were soft and sweet. 

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