Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pink Wasabi

Walking around Lucky Chinatown Mall, I came across Pink Wasabi. Pink Wasabi sells sushi-style cakes. As I still don't have sweets to eat at home, I bought a box of 4 to try. 

I chose all their bestsellers. Amarula, White Matcha, Nutella Sesame and Midnight Mint. 

The White Matcha is pistachio cake, white chocolate matcha ganache and white chocolate tablet. Amarula is pistachio cake, amarula milk, chocolate ganache, and dark chocolate nori wrap. The Midnight Mint is chocolate cake, dark mint chocolate ganache, cocoa dust and mint roe. While the Nutella Sesame is chocolate cake, nutella dark chocolate and black sesame. 

The white matcha doesn't taste of matcha and the nutella tasted strongly of sesame that I can't even taste the nutella in it. From the four, I like the amarula and midnight mint.

The seller told me that the Oolong Berry was another favorite of customers. Oolong Berry is almond cake, strawberry white chocolate ganache, white chocolate and strawberry roe.

Happy Eating!

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