Friday, March 9, 2012

Bistro Ravioli

I went out with a friend last Thursday. When he asked me where I wanted to eat, I said anywhere, just as long as they have fries.

He chose Bistro Ravioli.

For starters we had Caesar Salad.

The lettuce and dressing were okay. The bacon bits were just too hard that they can be mistaken for pebbles :-)


Since they are named Bistro Ravioli, we thought they must sell good raviolis too, that we had their Spinach and Feta Ravioli, their bestseller, we were told.

The sauce and filling were nice, the ravioli dough were just too chewy/rubbery. They can't compare to CPK's Mushroom Ravioli.


We had Herb Chicken next.

They were served with fries.


Both the chicken and fries were too oily, that I told my friend, we could have a better deal of chicken and fries at Jollibee or at Chef d'Angelo's Sampler 2. But I guess we'll never know unless we try.

Happy Eating!

Robinsons Place Manila

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i♥pinkc00kies said...

tried this last yr i think & wasnt impressed too. i ordered this oil-based pasta which was bland. waste of money :(

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