Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gong Cha Matcha Smoothie

I was in line at Chatime for a Matcha Red Bean Smoothie, when I was told that they won't serve any smoothie that evening. I wasn't in the mood for a milk tea as I was craving for a slush/smoothie, that I tried my luck at Gong Cha instead.


I was looking at their menu board of the smoothies they offered namely Ice Milk, Chocolate and Coffee. I don't want any of the three and was on my way out when I saw their turned down standee of Matcha and Taro Smoothie. I asked if they were available, and when they said yes, I ordered one Matcha Smoothie with extra pearl and 50% sugar.


It was different compared with Chatime's Matcha Red Bean, as it has a different green tea/matcha taste. Something that I haven't tasted in my years of drinking and trying out different green tea. I don't know what kind of green tea they used. The taste was just new to me. Anyways, I like it, but not as much as Chatime's Matcha Red Bean Smoothie.

Happy Eating!

Mall of Asia


Mary de Guzman said...

I haven't tried Gong Cha yet, but I heard that it's really good. :)

CarmisCaprice said...

craving for one! yum :)

please join my birthday give-away!

Kevin said...

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