Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cafe Ten Titas II

It was my second time this week at Gateway and also at Cafe Ten Titas. But this time I was able to try one of their main dishes.

I ordered their best seller, the Bangus Belly Ala Kiev P248.

It is 4 pieces of bangus belly with cheddar cheese and carrots fillings, dredged in breadcrumbs and then fried. It comes with a bacon-parsley cream sauce and a cup of rice.

It's something different, a take on the chicken ala kiev. It is creamy & cheesy. The bangus meat was melt-in-the-mouth creamy. The cream sauce was perfectly done too. It was neither too rich nor too salty.

Instead of rice, I had the roasted potato wedges with no additional charge.

The potatoes were reminiscent of the crispy fries of KFC in taste & in appearance.

For dessert I ordered another best seller, their Choco Turtle Cake P175 . Again I had mine with green tea for an additional P23.

It is a chocolate cake with a ganache filling, topped with a fudgy chocolate icing & coated with chopped walnuts.

Even though the cake was not as moist as Polly's, it was still good especially around the edges with the frosted icing and the nuts.

Happy Eating!

P.S. You can order their Roasted Potato Wedges separately for P65, with tartar and lemon butter sauces.

3rd Level Gateway Mall,
Cubao Quezon City

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