Thursday, May 15, 2008

Go Nuts Donuts

Since there was no Opera Cake nor Choco Rhum Balls from Rustans for me to take home, I went back to basic and had donuts instead. I stayed away though from my usual orders of yummy vanilla and pastillas de leche from Go Nuts and ordered Strawberry Glaze Loop, Choc-O-Nut and Choco-hazelnut Stuffit.

Of all the 3 flavors I only liked the strawberry glaze loop. The glaze was proportionate to the donut and it was very tasty too. It was not cakey and it somehow melted in my mouth in my every bite.

The choc-o-nut was chokingly-dry. You'll need to have a glass of water on stand-by just in case you choke. While the choco-hazelnut stuffit didn't have that much stuffing nor did it taste like there's hazelnut in it.

Happy Eating!

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