Friday, May 23, 2008

French Baker

For a pre-dinner snack, we (my family & I) ate at French Baker in SM Bicutan last Sunday.

We ordered Lasagna P125, Spicy Seafood Pasta P185, Real Chocolate Brownie P42, Pain Au Chocolait P49 and Coffee Custard Bun P42.

The lasagna's noodles were so thick and soggy, it felt like we were eating bread pudding instead of a lasagna. The only consolation with the pasta was the melted cheese on top.

For the spicy seafood pasta, we chose to have it with their fresh pasta whole wheat fettuccini. This was better than the lasagna in taste, but still not spicy as its name connotes, the serving was also small and the price's a little bit expensive.

The pasta has just few pieces of shrimps, the noodles were so thick, it felt like there's something hidden inside it. It was also weird eating it, with those fat noodles that looked like it was genetically made.

And now with the pastries.

The pain au chocolait is similar to a croissant but with 2 chocolate logs inside. It was buttery and sweet, and with more than enough chocolate to go around.

The real chocolate brownie is a brownie frosted with chocolate. The taste was just okay, nothing to get excited about.

Their coffee custard bun has a mocha-flavored custard inside. It was good and also better than the kopi bun of kopi roti according to my sister.

Overall, with just 2 pastas, 4 pastries and 4 drinks, we paid more than P700. Quite expensive for just that amount and taste of food.

Happy Eating!


Anonymous said...

the noodles really looked like they were on steroids...

Sweet Dreams said...

sakai: they really looked weird =)

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